One of the worst day for 18 year old factory worker. She was abducted from Megamal Pinang at 11pm and gang-raped at a park while waiting for her boyfriend.

The rapists drove her to Hutan Lipur, Jalan kolam Air and gang raped her. They then fled with her purse and handphone.

Things dont end here, the gang want more sex. They returned 20 miutes later and rape her again.

For Madam Noraini Hassan, 55, every Mother Day’s will be the saddest day of the year for her because her son died on that day.

Her son, Mohd Taufiq Ali, 16, was killed by two men who slash his shoulder and head with a parang. According to a villager, the two men must have mistaken him as member of a rival gang.

This is a weird marriage in February but they believe that their marriage is a match made in heaven. Mr Muhamad Noor Che Musa is 33 and his wife, Madam Wook Kundor, is 104. Do the maths and the different is 71 years!

Madam Wook has been married 20x before while it is Mr Muhamad Noor’s first. So why did Mr Muhamad Noor married to someone 71 years older than him? He believed its a match made in heaven for him.

He claimed that he used to be unsettled after he left the army 8 years ago. It all started to change when he found a job in Kuala Berang at a plywood mill last year. He was boarding for free at Madam Wook’s house.

She was all alone and he felt sympathy for her. But soon the sympathy became love. I dont know how you feel about this but i felt weird. Imagine you are marrying your grandfather or grandmother. hmmm.

A male teacher, 40s, with 15 years experience was attacked for the first time in the school in Sungai Petani, Kedah. 2 Secondary 5 schoolgirls pushed his face. It started when the malaysian teacher asked about a motorbike which was parked at a prohibited lot in school. Tough girls i must say.

A 12 year old student was scolded by a 26 year old teacher at school in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. The teacher then punished him by making him do his homework while standing up.

The boy could not control his anger and grabbed a nearby dustpan. He charged towards his teacher and began hitting the teacher just like what we have seen in a drama. The teacher blocked the attacks and suffered brusies on the hands.

Source: Guang Ming Daily

This year is a special year. Its the year of the fifa world cup! Loanshark are making use of this heatwave to make some quick money. The malaysia loanshark issued flyers offering ‘soccer specials’ with interest rate of 3%.

These flyers are distributed at shops and some homes. So whats wrong? They look just like normal worldcup schedule. Take a look at the top. You can see a line that says “15 day short term loan, 3%”.

Yesterday, 11am, at Penang, a newborn baby was found in a rubbish bin at the Bukit Jambul flats. A 35 year old man found him when he heard some crying sound.

The baby boy is stored in a yellow plastic bag with his umbilical cord still intact. He was crying inside the rubbish bin. Imagine if no one found the baby and the rubbish is been picked up by the rubbish truck and disposed in….the baby will be crushed! This lack of responsibility by the mother is no different from murderers.

I just wonder what will you do if this happens at night. Will you open the rubbish bin if you happen to hear baby crying in it? I will run the hell away man.

Just days ago, a Singaporean that was shot 3 times in the playground was said to have links with secret society. He told his wife that he wanted to change. He dont want to live this kind of gang life. He wanted to sell chicken rice and he has partnered his brother and friends to setup a company in Kuala Lumpur. (more…)

BANG. A 39 year old Singaporean man was found dead with 3 gunshot wounds on his back. He was found face down in the middle of the playground in Jalan USJ 4/6.

The Malaysia Police just busted a drug syndicate and arrested 2 men and a woman in Taman Cendana, Pasir Gudang. They found >14kg of ganja worth RM120,000. One of the men was a singaporean.

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