March 2006

The company, Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd, rented a helicoper for newspersonals and photographers to have a ride for a view of their 2,530ha development site. Joseph Chan Sum Foo, 45, the General Manager, was in charge of guiding these people. Yesterday one of the worst thing happened.

You can see advertisements all over Johor Baru, papers and public places. These advertisements offered singapore jobs with high salary and good accomodation. All these are job scam ran by a syndicate. Many Malaysians were cheated. When they reach singapore, they
either found no job or a job that is so much worst. Worst of all, they are not given accomodation and if they are lucky they will get a cramped room.

It is sad that malaysian are taking the rivers as an alternative to dumping grounds. Look at the rubbish boom along Sungai Selangor near Batang Berjuntai. Take a trip down there and you will love the place. Full of rubbish.

Now if you think walking on water is impossible, try it at the rubbish river. The rubbish is so thick that you can walk on them. Lets see how long the authorities are going to remove those rubbish.

In Kuala Lumpur, a contractor, 58 was shot at the back seat. Khor kok Boon was shot in his head, neck and chest. This is scary for drivers. Too many news article nowaday involving drivers getting shot in the car.

Few days ago we heard about the malaysia road bully about the three big man. But now the three men hit back, telling the papers that Ms Chia had attacked them. He claimis that a scuffle broke out and he kicked Ms Chai’s car. All ended when Mr Leong was pushed to the ground and hit his head.

Tuition teacher Chai Soo Ping was desperately driving her maid, who had fainted to a hospital. On the road, she was honking all the way signaling the cars to give way. Then the problem starts when a black Toyota Harrier refused to give way. Inside seated three big road bully.

At a traffic stop, Chai Soo Ping got out of the car to explain why she was honking. The three guys punched her brother on the hands, neck and body while she was kicked in her stomach. Mr Chai fought back and one of the men hit his head against the ground.

Residents are buying cheap chickens in estates in Bahau, Negri Sembilan. Salesmen in a lorry will go around selling chickens cheaply. The problem is the lorry is registered in Penang, a place where cases of bird flu has been reported. Residents can get bird flu, i mean chicken at just RM10 per 1-2kg of chickens.


Last Monday, Miss Do, a Vietnamese was kidnapped on the streets by 4 men. She was returning to her rented flat in Kuala Lumpur after a dinner with her colleagues from a electronics factory.

Suddenly a car stopped the group and 2 pervertic men pulled Miss Do into the car. Her colleagues were shocked and did nothing. I guess they are scared. A passer gave chase to the car but lost sight of it.

After 3 days of detention, the men dropped Miss Do last Wednesday afternoon at a deserted location. She managed to take a taxi back home. The four men, 2 Indonesians and 2 Thais, had beaten and raped her repeatedly.

They had an disagreement about their webbing date and it turned out to be a big mistake along the North-South Expressway in Malaysia. Ms Suraidah Zahari wanted to get married in June while her fiance, 30, wanted to postpone it due to financial problems.

The couple argued on his motorbike while heading to Kedah from Perlis. They then started at Batu Cantonment army camp in Kuala Lumpur and continued to argue. This time he lost his mind and threatened to stab her is she dont agree to the change of date. (more…)

It was suppose to be a normal robbery at a battery factory in an oil palm plantation in Malaysia. But what the burglar did back fired.

A gang of armed men, tied up the husband and dragged his wife to a container and locked it from inside. His wife keep screaming and somehow the husband received some ‘god strength’ and broke free from his bonds. He took a parang and shouted outside the locked container.

When container door opened, he saw his wife half-naked with the burglar pointing a parang at her neck. Instantly, the husband received double ‘God Strength’ and went berserk. (more…)

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