Nor Fadeliyah Mohd Rasid was only 14 when she followed a soldier, 20 around Malaysia. She was impressed by his ‘huge’ tips when she was a waitress.

The problem is that the man was married. She didnt mind it. She enjoyed some good life with him where he spent like RM2k daily. Sometimes the man will beat her. But she didnt mind too.

Then one day at night, the soldier rammed through a roadblack in Setiu in Kuala Terengganu. The police fired at the car. One of the bullet hit Nor Fadeliyah in the back. He ran away from the car, leaving her to die.

Thanks god, she survived. Asked if she will go back to the man. She said ‘When I have the chance, I will go back to him.’

The power of true love? Or the power of blind love?

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