I’m not a Malaysia hater but i love to collect ugly pictures and news of Malaysia. Malaysia is not only beautiful, it is ugly at the same time. Malaysia Beauty is a collection of ugly happenings in Malaysia. Do not ask me why i chose the name Malaysia Beauty instead of Ugly Malaysia. If you have a great collection of disgusting photos of Malaysia, feel free to share them with me.

The sentence that inspired me to start this blog.
One day, an American, asked me : “Hey malaysia pervert, I heard that Malaysia is a boring place to visit. There is nothing happening there. “Our Malaysia air, Malaysia girl, Malaysia hotels and other Malaysia visits are beautiful. To him it seems like beautiful = boring. This inspired me to start Malaysia beauty, a collection of ugly and hot topics going on in Malaysia.

Send your stories and photos to me and i will share it with all others. Example of stories such as ’malaysia airfares is a killer’, ’malaysia gals are cheap’, ‘cheap hotels in malaysia provide cheap service’, ’malaysia vacation is hell’, etc. Pictures of ‘dirty malaysia hotels’, ‘vandalised buildings’, etc.

No anti-racist, anti-politics, anti religion or anti-malaysia.

Send your photographs/stories to singapore girl.