Malaysia Beauty

This is a weird marriage in February but they believe that their marriage is a match made in heaven. Mr Muhamad Noor Che Musa is 33 and his wife, Madam Wook Kundor, is 104. Do the maths and the different is 71 years!

Madam Wook has been married 20x before while it is Mr Muhamad Noor’s first. So why did Mr Muhamad Noor married to someone 71 years older than him? He believed its a match made in heaven for him.

He claimed that he used to be unsettled after he left the army 8 years ago. It all started to change when he found a job in Kuala Berang at a plywood mill last year. He was boarding for free at Madam Wook’s house.

She was all alone and he felt sympathy for her. But soon the sympathy became love. I dont know how you feel about this but i felt weird. Imagine you are marrying your grandfather or grandmother. hmmm.

It is sad that malaysian are taking the rivers as an alternative to dumping grounds. Look at the rubbish boom along Sungai Selangor near Batang Berjuntai. Take a trip down there and you will love the place. Full of rubbish.

Now if you think walking on water is impossible, try it at the rubbish river. The rubbish is so thick that you can walk on them. Lets see how long the authorities are going to remove those rubbish.