Malaysia Danger

2 malaysia postmen, 24 and 36, were arrested for dumping 2500 letters in Kampung Tok Sani, Sungai Puyu. It was discovered by a villager who found 5 sacks of letters near his house. (more…)

Toh Yuh Chan, 36 and Leslie Neo, 25, had been fishing every 2 weeks since last year. Toh Yuh Chan’s wife was worried about the safety of her husband’s fishing trip. Mr Toh promised to his wife that his fishing trip to Tanjung Langsat, about 60km east of the city, will be his last.

The trip was not only his last but also the last day of his life. Toh and Neo were burnt to death instantly.

The company, Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd, rented a helicoper for newspersonals and photographers to have a ride for a view of their 2,530ha development site. Joseph Chan Sum Foo, 45, the General Manager, was in charge of guiding these people. Yesterday one of the worst thing happened.

Few days ago we heard about the malaysia road bully about the three big man. But now the three men hit back, telling the papers that Ms Chia had attacked them. He claimis that a scuffle broke out and he kicked Ms Chai’s car. All ended when Mr Leong was pushed to the ground and hit his head.

Tuition teacher Chai Soo Ping was desperately driving her maid, who had fainted to a hospital. On the road, she was honking all the way signaling the cars to give way. Then the problem starts when a black Toyota Harrier refused to give way. Inside seated three big road bully.

At a traffic stop, Chai Soo Ping got out of the car to explain why she was honking. The three guys punched her brother on the hands, neck and body while she was kicked in her stomach. Mr Chai fought back and one of the men hit his head against the ground.

In Sabah yesterday, a mortar killed two. Mr Saingkin Baril, a father of 6, found a mortar 30cm in length while searching for scrap metal at Camp Paradise army training ground. He brought it home to show his 14 year old son. His excitement is about to come to an end. It was an active mortar. At about 7.30am, Mr Saingkin Baril tried to open it and it (more…)