Malaysia Robbery

Yesterday, 2pm, 4 robbers with parangs robbed the Kompleks Desa, Kepong, post office. 20 customers were made to keep quiet while the 5 counter were ordered to put the money inside a bag.

The robbers then escaped on 3 bikes with RM35,000. No one was hurt in this incident.

It all happen at Desa Seri Puteri, Desa Petaling.

Lee Chi Kong, 37, was about to close his shop when he saw two robbers walked in. There were still 10 customers around. One of the robbers took out an axe and the other fired a shot in the air and shouted “this is a robbery”. This robber watched too much movies.

They then forced the customers to a corner. Mr Lee thought he can save the day by throwing a chair at the robbers. The robber fired him in the stomach. The robbers then robbed RM$500 from the customers. (more…)

3 singaporeans went to Johor Baru to shop but instead they were robbed of >$900 worth of valuables by one man. All this man did was to threaten them by saying:”Give me your money, you can scream and shout all you want, but i cant guarantee that my gang will let you off. They are watching.”

It was suppose to be a normal robbery at a battery factory in an oil palm plantation in Malaysia. But what the burglar did back fired.

A gang of armed men, tied up the husband and dragged his wife to a container and locked it from inside. His wife keep screaming and somehow the husband received some ‘god strength’ and broke free from his bonds. He took a parang and shouted outside the locked container.

When container door opened, he saw his wife half-naked with the burglar pointing a parang at her neck. Instantly, the husband received double ‘God Strength’ and went berserk. (more…)

The robbers said “We don’t wanna hurt anyone” and shot twice at the security guard. Well, never trust the words of robbers. At 1.10pm, the jewellery shop in Puchong Selangor was robbed by three armed robbers.They escaped with RM500k worth of Tomei Gold and Jewellery.