Malaysia Sex

More and more Malaysia teenagers around the age of 13 are having consensual sex. A total of 38 rape cases reported over the last 3 months in Pahang and such trend is alarming. The cases usually involve underaged girls. These young malaysian girl will hook on a stranger in public and followed him to have sex in a hotel. After that, these young girls will report rape. Last year there were 79 rape and 12 incest cases.

Last Monday, Miss Do, a Vietnamese was kidnapped on the streets by 4 men. She was returning to her rented flat in Kuala Lumpur after a dinner with her colleagues from a electronics factory.

Suddenly a car stopped the group and 2 pervertic men pulled Miss Do into the car. Her colleagues were shocked and did nothing. I guess they are scared. A passer gave chase to the car but lost sight of it.

After 3 days of detention, the men dropped Miss Do last Wednesday afternoon at a deserted location. She managed to take a taxi back home. The four men, 2 Indonesians and 2 Thais, had beaten and raped her repeatedly.

She was raped several times at home by her brothers. After a year, on 24 Feb, the girl, 17, could not take it anymore and ran away from her Parit Jawa home to lodge a police report. The sad fact is that both rape their little sister after watching porn.

brother rape sister


malaysia nightclub
Source : Guang Ming Daily

Last Saturday 11.30pm, the Malaysia Police raided the Johor Baru nightclub. They were disappointed to find only mattresses and used condoms and no prostitutes in sight. The police felt strange and continued searching till they heard weird sound coming from behind the wall. (more…)