Malaysia Violence

A male teacher, 40s, with 15 years experience was attacked for the first time in the school in Sungai Petani, Kedah. 2 Secondary 5 schoolgirls pushed his face. It started when the malaysian teacher asked about a motorbike which was parked at a prohibited lot in school. Tough girls i must say.

A 12 year old student was scolded by a 26 year old teacher at school in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. The teacher then punished him by making him do his homework while standing up.

The boy could not control his anger and grabbed a nearby dustpan. He charged towards his teacher and began hitting the teacher just like what we have seen in a drama. The teacher blocked the attacks and suffered brusies on the hands.

They had an disagreement about their webbing date and it turned out to be a big mistake along the North-South Expressway in Malaysia. Ms Suraidah Zahari wanted to get married in June while her fiance, 30, wanted to postpone it due to financial problems.

The couple argued on his motorbike while heading to Kedah from Perlis. They then started at Batu Cantonment army camp in Kuala Lumpur and continued to argue. This time he lost his mind and threatened to stab her is she dont agree to the change of date. (more…)