Yesterday, 2pm, 4 robbers with parangs robbed the Kompleks Desa, Kepong, post office. 20 customers were made to keep quiet while the 5 counter were ordered to put the money inside a bag.

The robbers then escaped on 3 bikes with RM35,000. No one was hurt in this incident.

Nor Fadeliyah Mohd Rasid was only 14 when she followed a soldier, 20 around Malaysia. She was impressed by his ‘huge’ tips when she was a waitress.

The problem is that the man was married. She didnt mind it. She enjoyed some good life with him where he spent like RM2k daily. Sometimes the man will beat her. But she didnt mind too. (more…)

It all happen at Desa Seri Puteri, Desa Petaling.

Lee Chi Kong, 37, was about to close his shop when he saw two robbers walked in. There were still 10 customers around. One of the robbers took out an axe and the other fired a shot in the air and shouted “this is a robbery”. This robber watched too much movies.

They then forced the customers to a corner. Mr Lee thought he can save the day by throwing a chair at the robbers. The robber fired him in the stomach. The robbers then robbed RM$500 from the customers. (more…)

2 malaysia postmen, 24 and 36, were arrested for dumping 2500 letters in Kampung Tok Sani, Sungai Puyu. It was discovered by a villager who found 5 sacks of letters near his house. (more…)

He was molested by a malaysia gay teacher when he was 13. He claimed that the teacher pulled down his shorts after a routine check on his bag. He was too frightened to even voice it out to anyone. Besides what this boy claim, the gay teacher, Ding also face 8 other charges of molestation against 3 boys. (more…)

There seems to be a new scam going around cheating young adults to pose naked. The scammer will claim that the photo taken will appear on some ‘playboy’ magazine and the money will be good.

This is what happened to a Javanese maid, 25, from Bandar Baru, Nilai. She posed semi-nude willingly for her employer. Her employer claim that her photos will appear in the Indonesian version of Playboy magazine. She posed in 25 sexy positions while her employer happily took shots of her.

3 singaporeans went to Johor Baru to shop but instead they were robbed of >$900 worth of valuables by one man. All this man did was to threaten them by saying:”Give me your money, you can scream and shout all you want, but i cant guarantee that my gang will let you off. They are watching.”

Toh Yuh Chan, 36 and Leslie Neo, 25, had been fishing every 2 weeks since last year. Toh Yuh Chan’s wife was worried about the safety of her husband’s fishing trip. Mr Toh promised to his wife that his fishing trip to Tanjung Langsat, about 60km east of the city, will be his last.

The trip was not only his last but also the last day of his life. Toh and Neo were burnt to death instantly.

More and more Malaysia teenagers around the age of 13 are having consensual sex. A total of 38 rape cases reported over the last 3 months in Pahang and such trend is alarming. The cases usually involve underaged girls. These young malaysian girl will hook on a stranger in public and followed him to have sex in a hotel. After that, these young girls will report rape. Last year there were 79 rape and 12 incest cases.

Mr Han Cha, 35, senior manager of a real estate company, was found dead in a youth hostel in Kuala Lumpur. At 10 pm on Wednesday, he was found naked on his bed with his throat slit. There seems to be a trend that senior management personal tend to get killed nowaday. Business conflict?

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